Transforming Lives, One Pet at a Time"

At Veterinario Express Foundation, our commitment to animal welfare has touched the lives of countless pets and their owners across Puerto Rico. Here are some of the stories that showcase the impact of our work:

 A Second Chance for Luna

"After Luna was hit by a car, we thought we'd lose her. Thanks to the affordable care and expert surgery at Veterinario Express, she's not just surviving; she's thriving. We can't thank the team enough for giving Luna a second chance at life."

- Margarita Torres Luna's Owner


 Helping Strays Find Homes

"Our community had a growing number of stray dogs, and Veterinario Express's mass vaccination and neutering programs have been a game-changer. Healthier strays have a better chance of finding forever homes, and we've seen a noticeable decrease in the stray population."

- Hector Rivera Local Shelter Volunteer

 Educating the Next Generation

"Veterinario Express isn't just about treating animals; they're about changing mindsets. Their community outreach programs in schools have been instrumental in teaching our kids the importance of responsible pet ownership."

- Dra. Beatrice Melendez School Principal

Your Story Could Be Here

"Every pet we treat, every owner we advise, and every life we touch is a story of hope and care. Share your story with us and be a part of our journey to create a better world for pets in Puerto Rico."

- The Veterinario Express Foundation Team